Statutory Information

This section of the site contains our statutory information.


School name and address : Hawkley Hall High School, Carr Lane, Wigan, WN3 5NY.
Telephone: 01942 204640

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and designated Safeguarding Lead:  Miss A O’Brien (Email: A.O’  Telephone: 01942 204640)

Chair of Governors – Mr A Wilson, c/o Hawkley Hall High School
Any enquiries should, in the first instance, be directed to the main office who will direct you to the most appropriate person to handle your query.

Ethos & Vision

To provide, in partnership, high quality education within a caring environment enabling all individuals to achieve their full potential effectively.

We believe that young people learn their values and attitudes from a wide range of sources, most importantly at home, with school having a vital part to play. Every child has the capacity to learn and has something to offer their community and society at large. This learning takes place both inside and outside the school and we have many partners in educating the children of our community.

Behaviour and Exclusions

Please view our policies below:


Admissions and Appeals to Hawkley Hall High School are administered by Wigan Local Authority. Links to details of admissions and appeals are given below.

Please see information about the admission arrangements below:

Equality Objectives

Please click on the link below to view our Equality Objectives Policy:

RLT Equality and Diversity Policy

Governors Information and Duties

More information about our Governors can be found here.


Our most recent Ofsted reports:

Other Ofsted reports can be viewed on the Ofsted website, click here to view them.


Our most recent Key Stage 4 Results:

  • Attainment 8 Score: 44.1
  • Progress 8 Score: -0.32
  • 5 A*-C including English and mathematics (Grade 4+): 56.9%
  • Grade 4+ in both English and mathematics: 63.7%
  • Grade 5+ in both English and mathematics: 34.7%
  • Grade 4+ in English: 81.9%
  • Grade 5+ in English: 58%
  • Grade 4+ in mathematics: 65.8%
  • Grade 5+ in mathematics: 38.4%

2017 -2018 Key Stage 4 Results:

  • Attainment 8 Score: 49.4
  • Progress 8 Score: Average – 0
  • 5 A*-C including English and mathematics (Grade 4+): 71.13%
  • Grade 4+ in both English and mathematics: 71.64%
  • Grade 5+ in both English and mathematics: 45.36%
  • Grade 4+ in English: 80.93%
  • Grade 5+ in English: 65.98%
  • Grade 4+ in mathematics: 77.72%
  • Grade 5+ in mathematics: 54.40%
  • Entering EBacc: 27%
  • Achieving EBacc: 17.53%
  • Pupils who stayed in education or went into employment after finishing KS4: 93%

Validated Results for 2016:

  • Attainment 8 Score: 5.39
  • Progress 8 Score: 0.22
  • Basics: 72.4%
  • Ebacc: 24.85% were entered for the English Baccalaureate and 21.6% achieved A*-C grades in it

Other Headline Figures:

Curriculum and Qualifications

You can view all our curriculum information for KS3 and KS4 in the curriculum area of our website

Please contact the Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum) Mr S Holt at school for further details regarding the curriculum. Further details about individual subjects can be obtained by contacting the relevant Head of Faculty. Details of our Heads of Faculty can be found on the individual subject pages.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium information for 2018-19 academic year

Pupil Premium information for 2017-18 academic year

Pupil Premium information for 2016-17 academic year

Pupil Premium information for 2015-16 academic year

Pupil Premium information for 2014-15 academic year

Pupil Premium information for 2013-14 academic year

Year 7 Catch-up funding

Year 7 catch-up funding information for 2017-18 academic year

Year 7 catch-up funding information for 2016-17 academic year

Year 7 catch-up funding information for 2015-16 academic year

Year 7 catch-up funding information for 2014-15 academic year

Year 7 catch-up funding information for 2013-14 academic year

Year 7 catch-up funding information for 2014-15 academic year

  • For information on predicted expenditure of year 7 catch-up funding for 2014-15, please see the pupil premium funding and expenditure report above


Charging and remissions

School Complaints Procedure

Financial Information

Please see our statutory requirements page on the Rowan Learning Trust website by clicking here for more information about the below:

  • Audited Accounts
  • Annual Reports
  • Funding Agreement
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association

For information on the Charity Trustees please view our Trustees page on the Rowan Learning Trust website by clicking here.

For the register of business interests please view these on the Governance page on the Rowan Learning Trust by clicking here.

Provider Access Policy

Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

Data Protection

Data Protection Officer: Chris Bolton (Email: Telephone: 01942 204640)


Trade Union Facilities Time Report

Please view this report on the Rowan Learning Trust website by clicking here.

Request for copies

If you would like paper copy of any of the information on this website please contact the main office and they will provide it for you.