Product Design, Engineering and Construction

Subject: Product Design (KS3), Design Technology and Engineering

Head of Subject: Mr D Barton

In Key Stage 3 students are taught Product Design in mixed ability classes for 1 hour per week. Home learning tasks are set via show my homework and assessments are completed to track and monitor the progress of students. Feedback is provided to students in terms of the skills they are working towards or have mastered, targets for further improvements are shared with students and students then have the chance to respond to their feedback.

At Key Stage 4 there are two choices for student to continue their studies in Design and Technology to GCSE level.

  • GCSE Engineering (AQA Grade 9-1)
  • GCSE Design Technology (AQA Grade 9-1)

Students that opt to take one of these subjects will have 3 hours a week and are working towards one GCSE qualification. They study the following GCSE specifications:

  • GCSE Design Technology - AQA Design and Technology (8552)
  • GCSE Engineering – AQA Design and Technology: Engineering (Single Award) (8852)

Students will be awarded a grade 9-1 following their GCSE examinations in the summer of Year 11, this is a combination of their written exam and practical coursework. Deadlines are set termly, revision homework’s are set each week. The lesson split in Year 11 is on a 2:1 basis;

  • 2 lessons per week working on controlled assessment
  • 1 lesson per week working on theory and exam content

Throughout their time at studying Design Technology at Hawkley Hall, students are taught the following key skills:

  • How to identify, investigate and outline design possibilities to address needs and wants
  • How to design and make prototypes that are fit for purpose
  • How to analyse and evaluate products
  • How to make design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others
  • How to understand the wider issues in design technology
  • How to demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of the technical principles required in design technology
  • Design and making principles including the use of a range of different tools and equipment

Overview of the Product Design, Engineering Curriculum KS3 and KS4

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 3 are outlined in the table below:

Project 1 Project 2
Year 7 Block Bot – Wood working practical Graphic Design – Drawing skills and 3D CAD Design
Year 8 Vambit – Electronics and CAD Design for others – Research, practical, teamwork and graphics
Year 9 Innovation project – Design, make,  and research (Mini GSCE Style project) Pewter Keyring – Metal working practical, packaging and graphics

KS4 – Year 10 and Year 11

Students will cover a range of topics linked to the GCSE Specifications. These topics will be expanded upon and the pupils will complete a range of projects to help ensure they understand the key information.

In Engineering pupils will cover the following topics:

  • Designing and communicating
  • Manufacturing an Engineering Product
  • Understanding engineered products
  • Application of New Technologies
  • Environmental and Sustainability issues
  • Health and safety

In Design and Technology pupils will cover the following topics:

  • Materials and components
  • Classification and working properties of materials
  • Design and market influences
  • Evolution of design
  • Communication and representation of ideas
  • Design in practice
  • Design methodology
  • Design in the human context
  • Ethical, Environmental and Sustainability issues
  • Health and safety
  • Product Manufacturing

In Year 11 pupils will complete their GCSE Controlled Assessment task. This is currently worth 40% of their total GCSE mark (For Engineering and Design and Technology)

Pupils will undertake a single design and make activity which is selected from a range of exam board-set tasks.

Pupils will submit a 3-dimensional outcome and a concise design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence. The design folder should consist of approximately 20 pages of A3 paper or equivalent A4 paper or the ICT equivalent. It is expected that pupils should spend approximately 35 hours (approx) on this activity

Additional Information

Design and Technology and Engineering offer an extensive range of extra-curricular provision, including:

  • Intervention – Every Wednesday from 3pm to 5:30pm for Year 11 pupils to complete controlled assessment and catch up and missed pieces of coursework
  • Revision sessions – Every Wednesday from 3pm to 5:30pm and one lunch time session each week from 12:15pm – 1pm or pupils in Key Stage 4
  • Homework support – Every night from 3pm and each dinner time from 12:30pm for pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4
  • Trips – Year 10 reward trip to Jaguar Land Rover and Year 9 University of Manchester Teen Tech event for prospective Engineering or Product Design pupils