Virtual Work Experience & Employer Links

Name of CompanyOutcomeDateLink
One week virtual launch of different activities young people can book onto offering virtual encounters with Greater Manchester employers and experiences of the workplaceNovember 9th – 13th 2020
To celebrate National Apprenticeship week we will be showcasing virtual Q&A’s from the first Virtual Apprenticeship week that took place in August 2020 and have new live content from local apprentices, employers and training providers.February 8th – 14thN/A will be announced later in the year. Last year
Students sign up to have an inspiring careers talk by someone in a field that they are interested in.Anytime
Hear inspiring professionals discussing their careers and giving insights and advice to young people. Careersbadger exists to help young people discover and create the future that they want. the pathways successful professionals have taken to get them to where they are today
insights into their career including what a typical day looks like
the best and worst parts of the job
routes to get into the career which you can follow
practical advice and tips that you can apply to your own lives
What Are Employers Looking For?
How Do Businesses Recruit?
Developing Your Skills
The Young Professional
The Skills Builder Framework
Different Jobs Require Different Skills
Developing Your Young Professional Brand
Job Hunting
CV Writing, Cover Letters & Online Job Applications
Interview Preparation
Dealing With Rejection
Accepting a Job Offer – What Next?
No specific time


Name of UniversityCourses (if applicable)OutcomeDateLink
Pearson College London3D Visual EffectsOur tutor will provide an introduction to 3D VFX techniques such as creating simple geometry, UV’s, texturing, bump maps, lighting, animation, basic compositing and rendering, as well as an introduction to the CG pipeline and the range of career choices you can aim to specialise in.October 22nd 2020 
Pearson College LondonCompositingIn this hour-long 2D taster, you will get to have a look at a production shot created for the Great Ormond Street Hospital – Superhope project. The shot demonstrates some of the core concepts of compositing and VFX, which include clean-up techniques to remove things that were not meant to be in the shot, and integration techniques to add new CG elements and blend them to the scene.October 20th 2020 
Pearson College LondonAnimationThis hour-long online taster provides an introduction to the art of 3D Animation, working with Autodesk Maya. Please ensure you have a copy of Maya installed on your PC in advance of the event if you would like to follow along with the session.October 29th 2020 
Pearson College LondonGame ArtDuring this session, our Games tutor Christian Avigni will provide an introduction to Unreal – creating some basic materials and showcasing student work. There will also be time for Q&A with the tutor and sales team at the end of the taster.
Please have Unreal installed and ready to go if you would like to follow along with the session.
October 23rd 2020 
Pearson College LondonMotion GraphicsIn this taster lesson Adam will look at a selection of “agency style” text animation techniques in After Effects. He will cover some approaches for creating engaging, dynamic kinetic typography as well as the benefits of having animation experiments in your files to use for such jobs.November 23rd 2020 
Pearson College LondonStoryboardingThis hour-long online taster course will give you a hands-on introduction to professional storyboarding techniques.October 15th 2020 
Pearson College LondonBusiness/EnterpriseWhilst many of us have brilliant ideas for future businesses, knowing where to start when turning dreams into reality can be a challenge. Join us as we divulge with a panel of inspiring entrepreneurs about how they succeeded in this challenge and the advice they would give to budding entrepreneurs.October 6th 2020 
Pearson College LondonBusiness/EnterpriseJoin us as we explore how to stand out and make an impact in the industry. Whether this is a unique business idea or to help stand out from the crowd, we will provide you with the tips and tricks of the trade.October 8th 2020 
Oxford Climate ClubGeography/SustainabilityAfter School Careers Club (online): careers advice for teenagers from people working in jobs related to climate and sustainability. Every Tuesday 4pm. 
Edge Hill UniversityAll October 23rd 2020