Leavers Book 2017

The Leavers Books for 2017 are now available for collection from school for those who have already ordered them.

School Inspection Update – Social media challenge

Police are warning parents to be vigilant about the below social media challenge:

In the School Inspection Update July 2017, Ofsted wrote,

“We would like to draw attention to a potentially harmful social media challenge to young people called ‘the Blue Whale Challenge’. This international challenge, labelled as a game, is being heavily promoted on social media sites. The reference to ‘blue whale’ is the first part of this challenge, which encourages children and young people to self-harm by drawing, with a blade, a blue whale on themselves. The challenges continue over 50 days and become more serious and dangerous in nature. Internationally, there have been reports of several deaths that have been attributed to the challenge. The police are warning parents to be vigilant about this challenge.”

Change in school buses for 5th September 2017

Timings are as follows for Tuesday only then revert back to the normal bus timetable that is on the school website.


Victoria park 0815

St Matthews 0819

Winstanley C.P. School 0822

St Aidens Club/little park 0829


No pick up outside St Aidans school on this day only.


Also to note 1 fare revision.  The £5.80 weekly fare is increased to £6.

Hawkley Hall High School Press Release 2017

Hawkley Hall High School maintains its high academic performance. In the familiar measures we know, Hawkley Hall’s Y11 students achieved 71% 5 or more A*-C (grades 9-4 in English and Maths) in their GCSEs.

In the new government measures, Hawkley students gained 72% in the ‘Basics’ measure (9-4 in both English & maths). Based on strong performance across all subjects it is likely that the schools Progress 8 score is going to be very good, once again. These new measures demonstrate both high attainment and very strong value added progress during the five years education at Hawkley Hall High School.

We are delighted for our students. They worked very hard and were very focused on the end goal which was to get the best possible results in their GCSE exams. We would like to thank our staff, our parents and governors for their support enabling our students to fulfil their ambitions.


Collection of exam results

Students can collect exam results tomorrow (24/08/2017) at the following times:

Year 11:  10am

Year 10:  11am

Results can be collected from the social area – please use the main reception entrance, and use the middle stairs.