What is it? 

  • One website, 3 apps and over 5,000 Pods
  • Content produced specifically for mobile devices, tablets and PCs
  • Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge needed for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks
  • Helps with learning, homework and revision

It will help your child get organised

Your child can create personal Pod playlists to listen to in the run-up to an exam, to help with homework or even listen to on the go to help consolidate learning.

The viewing history feature enables your child to return to Pods they found useful. There’s also a Favourite playlist – which helps to go over topic areas they may be finding difficult.

Pre-set exam playlists, available in the My Courses area are neatly organised meaning your child can manage revision quickly and easily whilst prioritising their time.

More information …

Please find more information on how to get GCSE POD in the downloads below: