Faculty: Mathematics

Head of Faculty: Mrs N Robinson


At Hawkley Hall High school our vision is promote a positive mind set and instil a culture of learning where every student believes that they have the capacity to be successful in and enjoy the learning experience of mathematics. We believe that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude is the key to improvement and that a sense of success is available to all students.
The mathematics team at Hawkley are passionate about delivering a high-quality curriculum that develops key skills such as logical reasoning, problem solving and perseverance, but which also promotes an appreciation of the importance of maths in society both past and present. Throughout their mathematical learning journey, staff encourage students to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and support them to solve problems that are of increasing difficulty through a ‘can do’ culture.
We aim to develop young people who are maths confident and who have the skills needed to be successful in life.


At Hawkley our intent is to deliver a curriculum of mathematics that is suitable and enjoyable for all, ensuring that all students are able to make progress in and enjoy the experience of learning the subject.

Learning Journey

Maths KS3

Maths KS4 Foundation

Maths KS4 Higher

Curriculum Description

Throughout their time at Hawkley Hall High School students are taught Mathematics in ability groups. Teaching focuses on developing the key aspects number, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measure, and statistics and probability.

In Years 7 and 8 students have 4 hours per week of mathematics and in Year 9 they have 3 hours per week. Home learning tasks are set on a weekly basis and mainly consist of targeted questions to consolidate learning that has taken place in lesson or prepare themselves for upcoming assessments. Students are taught in set according to their ability in mathematics.

Assessments are completed on a regular basis after each unit of work is completed.  Students are given time in class to revise for each assessment and once marked they will receive feedback on key areas for development and given time in class to improve on these areas.

Students at Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) Mathematics are working towards one GCSE qualification. They follow the Edexcel 1MA1 Linear GCSE Mathematics course. They will be awarded a grade 1-9 following their GCSE examinations in the summer of Year 11. At Key Stage 4 students have 4 hours a week in Year 10 and 5 hours a week in Year 11 and home learning tasks are set on a weekly basis. Assessments to track progress are set regularly throughout each half term and feedback is related to GCSE criteria to highlight areas of strength and development throughout the course.

Throughout their time at Hawkley Hall, student are taught the following key skills:

Use and apply standard techniques

Students should be able to:

  • accurately recall facts, terminology and definitions
  • use and interpret notation correctly
  • accurately carry out routine procedures or set tasks requiring multi-step solutions

Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically

Students should be able to:

  • make deductions, inferences and draw conclusions from mathematical information
  • construct chains of reasoning to achieve a given result
  • interpret and communicate information accurately
  • present arguments and proofs
  • assess the validity of an argument and critically evaluate a given way of presenting information

Solve problems within mathematics and in other contexts

Students should be able to:

  • translate problems in mathematical or non-mathematical contexts into a process or a series of mathematical processes
  • make and use connections between different parts of mathematics
  • interpret results in the context of the given problem
  • evaluate methods used and results obtained
  • evaluate solutions to identify how they may have been affected by assumptions made

Overview of the Mathematics Curriculum

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are outlined. Please click here to view the table.

GCSE Exam Board Specification

The specification code for GCSE Mathematics is 1MA1. Click here to view the GCSE specification

Additional Information

Throughout the year the Mathematics Faculty run a study support day once a week (currently Tuesday). Students are encourage to come along for additional support with any areas of concern they have from the work they have been completing in lessons. They are also encouraged to re-sit any assessments they feel they could improve on.

Year 11 students have access to a weekly 1 hour after school revision session (currently Tuesday).

Throughout the year, the mathematics faculty provide intervention for various groups of students using the Success@Arithmetic program and SymphonyMaths. There is also additional curriculum time available for targeted students in Year 11.