Faculty: Dance

Head of Faculty: Mr L Coupland


The Physical Education faculty uphold a true ‘commitment to excellence’ in all that we do. We aim to provide pupils with many different experiences within a diverse and engaging curriculum that challenges them both physically and academically.  We strive for pupils to be responsible and independent and be able to participate safely and fairly.

In GCSE Dance we encourage students to develop their creative, physical, emotional, and intellectual capacity. Students will study a range of dance styles and style fusions where students take responsibility for their own learning and can choose any style in which to perform and choreograph. Students will develop their ability to critically appraise professional dance works and utilise professional works to provide a springboard for engaging in practical tasks. Studying dance at GCSE level will create a pathway for lifelong involvement in dance, where the knowledge and skills they have developed can be applied in a range of real-life settings.

Overview of the Dance Curriculum

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 4 are outlined in the link below:

GCSE Dance Curriculum Overview

GCSE Exam Board Specification

GCSE Dance study AQA (8236)  Graded 1-9

Click here to view the GCSE Dance specification

Enrichment and Additional Learning Opportunities 

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