Year 9 Options

Welcome to our Year 9 Options support page.

Year 9 have come to an important point in their education as they now must make their choices about which subjects to study during their final two years of High School in Key Stage 4.

Given the current situation our options process is different this year. Due to this we have created lots of materials below to support you and your child through the decision making process. Please watch the main presentation by Mr Holt which explains the process and read the options booklet thoroughly. We have created a series of videos from the subject leaders which explain the content and assessments of each course. Please look at those you are interested in prior to the Parents Evening on the 4th February. You will also find lots of detail about each subject in the Options Booklet.

Main Options Presentation

Core Subjects

The following subjects are compulsory:

Options Subjects

Supporting Materials

Careers Service GCSE Subject Choice Advice:

Key Dates

  • Friday 19th February - Subject preference deadline
  • Friday 19th February to Monday 8th March - Options interviews take place
  • Monday 8th March onwards - Groups are generated and a timetable produced (students whose combination clash will be contacted after this date)

Microsoft Form

Please use this link to indicate your child's three subject preferences. Please remember to complete all fields and choose two subjects from Box A and one from Box B.

Contact Us

Please use the following email address for any questions regarding the options process or to inform us that you require an options interview: