Welcome to the careers guidance and information page for Hawkley Hall High School.

Careers Leader: Miss G Beckett

Phone: 01942 204640

Careers Adviser: Julie Tindall - Level 6 Certified
SLT Link: Claire Knowles - Level 6 Certified
Governor Link: Mrs D Couser
Phone: 01942 204 640
First review: July 2018

Hawkley Hall High School careers programme 2022/2023

  • Click here to download the Provider Access Policy
  • Click here to download the CEIAG Policy
  • Please see our careers programme linked above for additional information
  • Activity Survey 2022

We aim for every student to leave the school well prepared for the next stage in their career. Students should be well informed when making subject and career decisions. We want students to be inspired and motivated to fulfil their potential. Students need to understand career pathways and how opportunities may change in the future.

  • Aspiration – it is a good to have an idea of what interests and excites you as early as possible, research the qualifications that you need and aim high.
  • Self-development – it is important to understand yourself and to develop your capabilities.
  • Career exploration – you need to know how to investigate career opportunities and to make career plans.


Things to start thinking about…

  • Why it is important to be resilient.
  • Why you should aspire to be the best that you can be.
  • Which courses interest you the most and why?
  • What choices are there after leaving school?
  • Short term and long term career plans.
  • College entry requirements.
  • Employers that you are interested in.
  • Vacancies for apprenticeships.

At Hawkley Hall High School we will provide…

  • Offer all young people access to up to date accurate and impartial information and resources.
  • Regular up to date information on college and apprenticeship/training provider open days.
  • Futures Fair Y10 and Y11 pupils/parents and parent’s evening with college and apprenticeship/training providers present to offer advice and guidance.
  • The Careers Advisor Mrs Tindall holds lunch time and after school drop in sessions for pupils.
  • We work in partnership with opportunity providers including employers, College and Training providers
  • Visits from businesses and college providers.
  • Trips to universities.
  • The latest in career software.
  • Drop in sessions with local colleges.
  • Careers guidance meetings.
  • Self development, career exploration and career management.
  • Guidance on CV’s and letters of application.
  • Interview tips.
  • PSHE lessons based on careers and guidance.
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship information.

Please see our careers programme above to see what careers education you are entitled to at Hawkley Hall High School


  • Know how your child’s progress at school will affect their decisions.
  • Talk to the careers adviser to find out information about careers.
  • Attend parent’s evenings/events that discuss Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance.
  • Request a copy of your child's action plan.
  • Find out more about how you can support your child at this time.
  • Find out what progress is being made with applications.
  • Parents Guide 2020

We encourage all parents to engage with the latest labour market information (LMI) in our region through the GMACS website
LMI includes information such as job roles and descriptions, average salary ranges and whether demand for job types is expected to grow or decline.
You can learn more about Greater Manchester’s labour market on Bridge GM. The careers website explains how you can use LMI to help shape career decisions.
Click Here to see Bridge GM information
Click Here to see iCould information
There is a range of career events that take place throughout the academic year from Drop Down Days to Careers’ Evenings and you will be informed of these in advance by our normal communications system.
Our Careers Adviser is Julie Tindall and all of our pupils are entitled to 1:1 careers advice during their time with us. This occurs more frequently with pupils in year 10 or 11, but Julie will have contact with all of our pupils over the course of an academic year, either in tutor, drop-down days, assembly or offering group sessions for career advice and support. If you would like an appointment with Julie – either for an individual pupil at school or together as a family, she is more than happy to accommodate requests. Please contact her via email above.

Useful Documents


Teachers will get information from their faculty careers leader. Information is provided in our internal shared resources section, which include our careers programme, careers contacts and how to meet the gatsby benchmarks in your faculty area


As a school – we need your help now, more than ever and we can also help you! We would like our local employers and employees to help our students fulfil their aspirations and goals. We want our young people to understand the World of Work and you could help our students develop the required skills needed to meet employer needs and business/industry challenges.
Think about the skills you would like your workforce to have – perhaps these are skills that are currently lacking and need to be developed in your current and future workforce. Would you like an opportunity to be proactive and influence the future workforce? Do these skills align with a particular subject? (Maths – accountancy OR Physics – Engineering for example)
Please contact the careers leader using the contact information at the top of this page to help us in our mission. Please see our provider access policy above, in line with the Baker Clause.
We have a range of flexible programmes to ensure our students and parents have access to a full careers programme of information through assemblies, drop-in lunch times, parents evenings, careers fairs, apprenticeship workshops, newsletters and project week activities.

Any provider is welcome to contact us to discuss what they can provide for our students and how we can best accommodate your support.


CEIAG Provision Monitoring

We track and monitor our CEIAG provision internally but also in conjunction with our external colleagues at GMCA using the Compass Tracker. Please see below for our destination data.

Hawkley Hall High School Pupil Performance and Destinations: