GCSE POD Student

What is it? 

  • One website, 3 apps and over 5,000 Pods
  • Content produced specifically for mobile devices, tablets and PCs
  • Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge needed for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks
  • Helps with learning, homework and revision

It will help you get organised

Create personal Pod playlists to listen to in the run-up to an exam, to help with homework or even listen to on the go to help consolidate learning.

Use the viewing history feature to return to Pods you found useful. There’s also a Favourite playlist – which helps to go over topic areas you may be finding difficult.

Download exam specific playlists, with everything you need to know for that exam all organised for you.

More information …

Please find more information on how to get GCSE POD in the downloads below: