Faculty: Humanities

Head of Faculty: Miss C. Sorry

In Year 7 students are taught the three Humanities subjects (Geography, History and Religious Studies) in mixed ability forms. Students study each subject for one hour a week and home learning tasks are usually set fortnightly. In Year 7 students are also taught a Citizenship and PSHE course which we call HAWKS, these lessons cover the following topics, Growth Mindset, Citizenship (including Global Issues), Personal Wellbeing and Healthy lifestyles, Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capacity and Information Advice and Guidance (IAG).

In Years 8 and 9 students continue to be taught in mixed ability classes, however classes M and N 1 are ability sets, students are placed in these class according to their ability across the three Humanities subjects. In Year 8 and 9 students have 2 hours per week of History, 2 hours per week of Geography and 1 hour a week of Religions Studies.

The vast majority of students in Key Stage 4 are taught GCSE Religious Studies; while a small number are offered GCSE Film Studies as an alternative.