Knowledge for Life

Knowledge for Life


Our knowledge for life curriculum enables our pupils to become independent, confident, healthy and responsible members of society, as well as developing the “whole child” including their literacy, computer literacy, moral and social skills. Our programme maximises the outcomes for every child building resilience and nurturing their mental and physical health and their academic success in relation to literacy and computer literacy.  

Weaving through the heart of our knowledge for life curriculum, is a commitment to enhancing and promoting our Hawkley Way and our Hawkley Virtues with a strong emphasis on developing positive attitudes.  

Debate and discussion permeate our curriculum in order to allow pupil to respect one another’s different views and opinions in a respectful way.    

In September 2023, we introduced Knowledge for Life to our Year 7 curriculum and student receive this lesson one hour per week. Knowledge for Life consists of PSHE, reading and digital literacy foci. These are delivered for 13 weeks a year for each focus area, rotating every half term.  

The programme is focused around the book Ella on the outside which focuses on a young girl who is new in school and suffers with anxiety. PSHE and digital literacy use the book as stimulus for their activities which include learning about British Values, protected characteristics, puberty, finance, safety and diversity in the community.  

Overview of the Knowledge for Life Curriculum

The topics students cover throughout the curriculum are outlined in the link below:

KFL Curriculum Overview