Faculty: Inclusion

Head of Faculty: Mrs F Holmes

The Inclusion Faculty provides support to students with a wide range and diverse learning needs.  The principal aim is to ensure efficient, effective support allowing students to reach their full potential across the curriculum.

The Inclusion Faculty consists of a team of professional and dedicated staff that provide continuous support, as required, to meet the individual needs of each student, through a range of approaches including in class support, small group intervention programmes and specific targeted one to one sessions.  All of the programmes are designed to develop socially and emotionally, whilst building student self-esteem, confidence and resilience. The Inclusion faculty have strong links with a range of external support agencies, which provide advice and guidance, which can be used to further enhance the students’ learning experience.

All interventions are assessed, evaluated and adapted accordingly to meet the needs of each individual student and there is close communication, at all times, with inclusion staff and parents.

Students also have the opportunity to further develop their independence skills, through undertaking ASDAN qualifications. Through this course in key stage 4, students have previously been provided the opportunity to visit London on a residential trip.

Our students have also been given the opportunity to participate in a range of Inclusive Sporting events, enabling students to experience a range of sports and activities with students from other schools across Wigan.

Each year we haven opportunity to celebrate our students’ successes at our Inclusion Celebration Evening. This event is held in the local community and attended by over 100 students, families, and staff and school governors.

Fostering a sense of appreciating others is a key aspect of the work that is carried out within the faculty. To help promote this, staff and students hold and support a number of fundraising and awareness events throughout the school year.

An important factor to an inclusive school is to ensure all students have an awareness, tolerance and understanding of the variety of needs. This awareness is delivered through whole year group assemblies, Reflective Friday’s and the school’s ethos of a caring and nurturing environment. The school’s inclusive practice was again recognized by once again achieving the Inclusion Flagship Award.

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Links to the local Wigan SEND offer, our SEND policy and accessibility plan are available in the statutory information section of our website.