Subject: History

Head of Subject: Miss G Nicholson


To inspire a deep appreciation for the past, cultivate critical thinking, and foster a local and global perspective for our students through engaging historical exploration, rigorous scholarship, and a commitment to preserving and understanding the diverse narratives that shape our world. Studying of History at Hawkley supports the development of higher order analytical and thinking skills which helps our pupils to develop into informed, engaged and thoughtful members of society.

At Hawkley Hall, we strive to make the History curriculum ambitious and inclusive which allows students to understand the wider world. We have carefully shaped a broad curriculum which offers the opportunity to explore different peoples’ perspectives on issues and events and think critically about the world in which we live.
Our knowledge rich curriculum equips students to ask perceptive questions, understand key concept such as significance and causation and analyse information to help convey their views in a structured way. Each topic focuses on a challenging enquiry question which is reflected with key questions forming the basis for each lesson. We aim to inspire students' curiosity and passion to find out about the past whilst simultaneously developing their disciplinary thinking. Therefore, our students are given the chance to study issues at a local, national and international level in Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern time periods.

Overview of the History Curriculum

History KS3 Curriculum Overview

History KS4 Curriculum Overview

GCSE Exam Board Specifications

The specification code for GCSE History is 1H10. Click here to view the GCSE specification.

Enrichment and Additional Learning Opportunities 

Humanities in the News club takes place every Friday at lunchtime, which allows students to learn more about the world while exploring current events that link to history, R.E and geography.