Staff List



Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Kelly Leonard
Deputy Headteacher Stephen Holt
Deputy Headteacher John Fiddler
Assistant Headteacher Alison O’Brien
Assistant Headteacher Claire Knowles
Assistant Headteacher Emma Jones
Assistant Headteacher Peter Smith


Mathematics Faculty
Head of Faculty Toni Sinclair
Second in Faculty Steven Ledger
Lead Practitioner Matthew Thorley
Head of KS3 Aaron Roberts
Teacher of Maths Adelle Rasul
Teacher of Maths Emma Gibbon
Teacher of Maths Hannah Murrell
Teacher of Maths Mark Adams
Teacher of Maths Matthew Crow
Teacher of Maths Matthew Thorley
Teacher of Maths Rebecca Waites


English Faculty
Head of Faculty Lucinda Orrell
Second in Faculty Victoria Crawford
Lead Practitioner Polly Everson
Head of KS3 Lucy Caren
Teacher of English/EAL Coordinator Leanne Clinton
Teacher of English Cristopher Finch
Teacher of English Deborah Jackson
Teacher of English Elizabeth Cardiff
Teacher of English Laura Holland
Teacher of English Laura Notere
Teacher of English Paul Cooper



Science Faculty
Head of Faculty Leanne Glascott
Second in Faculty Joe Fielding
Lead Practitioner Marcus Reece
Head of KS3 Lucy Gouveia
Teacher of Science Amanda Lyon
Teacher of Science Andrew Prescott
Teacher of Science Erin Ollerton
Teacher of Science Julie Langton
Teacher of Science/Careers (CEIAG) Laura Field
Teacher of Science Sarah Wilkie
Teacher of Science Clare Lewin
Science Technician Paul Anderson


Humanities Faculty
Head of Faculty/Student Leadership Lead Carolyn Sorry
Head of Department (History) Gemma Nicholson
Teacher of History Grace Bannister
Teacher of History Hannah Reeves
Head of Department (RE) Carolyn Sorry
Teacher of RE Grace Barton
Teacher of RE Jennifer Shore
Head of Department (Geography) Kym Fairclough
Teacher of Geography Megan Russell
Teacher of Geography Melanie Shanahan


Technologies Faculty
Head of Faculty Maureen Anderson
Head of Department (D&T, Engineering & Construction): Karl Janvier
Teacher of D&T, Engineering & Construction Karl Yearsley
D&T, Engineering & Construction Technician Lee King
Head of Department (Food) Lorien Greenwood
Teacher of Food Michael Abrahams
Food Technician Samantha Sloan
Head of Department (ICT, Computer Science, Childcare & Business Studies) Maureen Anderson
Teacher of ICT, Computer Science, Childcare & Business Studies Georgina Beckett


Expressive Arts Faculty
Head of Faculty Rachael Vanstone
Head of Department (Art) John Whitehead
Teacher of Art/PSHE Lead Nicola Atherton
Teacher of Art Jacqueline Gooden
Art Technician Lee Kilgallon
Teacher of Music Samantha Varadi
Head of Department (Drama) Rachael Vanstone
Teacher of Drama Ebony Higham


Physical Education Faculty
Head of Faculty / Lead Practitioner Liam Coupland
Teacher of PE Andrew Duncalf
Teacher of PE Annie Hooley
Teacher of PE Sam Unsworth
Teacher of PE Patricia Wilson


Modern Foreign Languages Faculty
Head of Faculty Kevin O’Rourke
Second in Faculty Maria Marin-Consuegra
Teacher of MFL Julia Perez Raboso
Teacher of MFL Matthew Taylor


Inclusion Faculty
Head of Faculty Fiona Holmes
Deputy Head of Faculty Louise Benson-Ralph
Assistant Head of Faculty Zoe Hemsley
Advanced Level Teaching Assistant Anna Sinclair
Advanced Level Teaching Assistant Shane Walker
Advanced Level Teaching Assistant Helen Leech
Teaching Assistant Andrea Fairhurst
Teaching Assistant Andrea Hart
Teaching Assistant Ashleigh Gee
Teaching Assistant Carla Collier
Teaching Assistant Catherine Holgate
Teaching Assistant Charlotte Griffiths
Teaching Assistant Estelle Johnson
Teaching Assistant Eve Bretherton
Teaching Assistant Janice Myers
Teaching Assistant Joanne Melling
Teaching Assistant Katrine Fara
Teaching Assistant Lidija Runina
Teaching Assistant Lyndsey Glanfield
Teaching Assistant Nicola Slater
Teaching Assistant Rachel Taylor
Teaching Assistant Sharon Evans
Teaching Assistant Stacey Adams
Teaching Assistant Suzanne Westhead


Pastoral Care
Designated Safeguarding Lead Laura Holland
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Claire Knowles
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Lynsey Simpson
Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Senior Pastoral Lead Laura Notere
Senior Pastoral Lead Christopher Finch
Head of Year Erin Ollerton
Head of Year Georgina Beckett
Head of Year Karl Janvier
Head of Year Michael Abrahams
Head of Year Rebecca Waites
Assistant Head of Year Aaron Roberts
Assistant Head of Year
Assistant Head of Year Hannah Murrell
Assistant Head of Year Matthew Crow
Assistant Head of Year Matthew Taylor
Student Support Officer (Y6/Y7) Rebekka Moroney
Student Support Officer (Y8/Y9) Elizabeth Ward
Student Support Officer (Y10/Y11) Elaine Bosy
Evolve Centre Higher Level Teaching Assistant Alysha Whittle
Evolve Centre Higher Level Teaching Assistant Lana Burceva
Attendance Officer Suzanne Parker-Bracegirdle
Pastoral Administrator Cassandra O’Grady
School Counsellor Claire Lambert
Engagement Mentor Andrew Duncalf
KS4 & AP Mentor Lynsey Simpson
Behaviour Mentor Natalie Parkinson
Behaviour Mentor Emma Smith
CLA Coordinator Mark Ratcliffe


Cover Supervisors/Teachers
Cover Supervisor Angela Brewder
Cover Supervisor Stacey Edwards
Cover Teacher Anthony Royle
Cover Teacher Maria Gleeson
Cover Teacher Samuel Mills


Office, HR, and Finance Staff
Finance Manager Caroline Wilcock
Finance Officer Michaela Wilkes
Finance Assistant Natalie Hindley
HR Officer Chelsey Mallinson
Personnel Officer Janice Eden
Headteacher’s PA/Clerk to Governors Charlotte Harrison
Receptionist Karen Waite
Receptionist Kate Brew
Reprographics Technician Katherine Stocks
Exams/Data Administration Officer Carolyn Jones
Exams/Curriculum Officer Samantha Awe


Library Staff
Learning Resource Manager Yvonne Johnson


IT Staff
Senior ICT Technician Spyros Michalakakos
ICT Technician Faheem Darsot


Site Staff
Site Manager Ian Sharpe
Caretaker Alan Dyson
Caretaker Gary Bushell


Cleaning Staff
Lead Cleaner Deborah Connor
Cleaner Alicia Shea
Cleaner Andrea Lythgoe
Cleaner Carole Holmes
Cleaner Catherine Woodcock
Cleaner Clifford Baggaley
Cleaner Dawn Tammadge
Cleaner Judith Cerro
Cleaner Julie Marrow
Cleaner June Cooney
Cleaner Lynne Worthington
Cleaner Matthew Atherton


Welfare Staff
Welfare Assistant Carol Robinson
Welfare Assistant Danielle Todd
Welfare Assistant Jade Monks
Welfare Assistant Shirley Adshead


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