Child Development


Head of Faculty: Mrs Anderson


To provide students an understanding of the childcare and development sector working within a variety of settings. Students will be confident in developing creative activities and learning games to support the development of young children.


We follow NCFE Child Development. Students will be graded A* - D, which is the equivalent to the performance points at GCSE. The aim of this qualification at Hawkley Hall High school is to inspire students to learn about the social, physical and intellectual developments of a child 0 – 5 years. Students will develop knowledge about the different aspects of holistic development and expected sequence and key milestones of children’s development. Students will also understand that nature verses nurture alongside transitions may affect the child’s development.

Learning Journey

Childcare Learning Journey

Curriculum Description

Students can opt to study Child Development in years 10 and 11. In year 10 they would have 3 hours per week and in year 11, 2 hours per week. The course includes the knowledge and understanding of child development and well-being necessary for working with children in a variety of settings. It is aimed at a range of students who wish to be introduced to childcare and development of children aged 0-5 years. It also gives students an insight into their preferred learning styles and assists in developing their ability to study

Feedback is regularly provided to students to help them understand their own strengths and gaps in knowledge. They can then use this information to help inform their own revision for the exams.

The course would consist of 3 units:-

Unit 1 and unit 2 graded A*– D, assessed by an externally set, internally marked assessment task

Unit 3 graded A*-D, assessed by an externally set and externally marked synoptic scenario based short answer examination

Throughout their time at Hawkley Hall, students are taught the following key topics:

  • learning styles
  • working with children in a variety of settings
  • roles and responsibilities when working in a setting
  • equality and diversity within a childcare setting
  • stages and sequence of child development
  • observing children and how it supports development
  • influences that affect holistic development
  • everyday care routines and the types of activities that can support the development of independence an introduction to supporting children through transition

GCSE Exam Board Specifications

The exam board that is currently being studied is NCFE.  Further information can be found :