Religious Studies

Subject: Religious Studies

Head of Subject: Miss C Sorry

In Year 7 students are taught Religious Studies with their mixed ability form. In Years 8 and 9 students are taught in mixed ability classes, apart from classes M and N 1 which are ability sets. Students are taught Religious Studies 1 hour a week throughout Year 7, 8 and 9. Assessments are completed every half term to track and monitor the progress of students in each subject. Feedback is provided to students in terms of the skills they are working towards or have mastered. Targets for further improvement are then shared with students.

At Key Stage 4 the vast majority of students are taught GCSE Religious Studies; while a small number are offered GCSE Film Studies as an alternative. Students are taught both these subject in mixed ability classes. For Religious studies student follow Eduqas Full Course Religious Studies GCSE Route A. They will be awarded a grade 1-9 following their GCSE examinations in the summer of Year 11. For GCSE Film Studies students follow WJEC Film Studies, they will be awarded a GCSE Grade A*-G following their GCSE examinations in the summer of Year 11.  Assessments to track progress in both subjects are set regularly throughout each half term. With feedback being related to GCSE criteria to highlight areas of strength and development throughout the course.

Throughout their time at Hawkley Hall, students are taught the following key skills:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of religion and belief, including:
    beliefs, practices and sources of authority
    • influence on individuals, communities and societies
    • similarities and differences within and/or between religions and beliefs
  • Analyse and evaluate aspects of religion and belief, including their significance and influence


Overview of the Religious Studies Curriculum

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are outlined in the table below:

Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
7 Communities and Founders Festivals and Celebrations Crime and Punishment Forgiveness Nature Of God Year 7 Re Passport
8 Relationships Worship Ultimate Questions Ultimate Questions Abortion Y8 Aid Booklet Your Passport To Re
9 Rules and Laws Human Rights Extremism Good and Evil Prophethood Introduction to  GCSE
10 Issues of Good and Evil Beliefs and Teachings of Christianity Beliefs and Teachings of Islam Issues of Life and Death Practices of Christianity Practices of Islam
11 Crime And Punishment The nature of God The nature of Allah The origin and value of human lifeBeliefs about death and the afterlife Forms of worship The Five Pillars of Sunni Islam

GCSE Exam Board Specifications

The specification code for GCSE Religious Studies is Religious Studies GCSE Route A. Click here to view the GCSE specification.