School Uniform

It is important that all our students look and feel good about themselves, as well as appreciating that there is a difference between dressing for work and the freedom which goes with dressing for leisure time.

This is why we insist on high standards of dress and appearance. Our uniform helps students to achieve these high standards and we ask for your continued support in ensuring that our uniform is worn as intended. To help clarify some issues, here are some key points:

Please Note:
Not Acceptable in School.

  • No jewellery, except a watch
  • No fake tan
  • No acrylic nails / gel nails / nail polish
  • No make up – students wearing make up will be asked to remove it
  • Boys MUST be clean shaven.
  • No fashion/extreme hairstyles – hair should be of a “natural hair colour” without extreme highlights
  • No haircuts shorter than a crop with a No2 setting
  • No haircuts with patterns/lines shaved into it (including Mohican/mullet styles).
  • No trainers, pumps or leisure type
  • No handbags
  • No piercings – covering piercings with plasters is not permitted.

Students with piercings will be expected to remove them so we recommend any new piercings are done at the start of the summer holiday so that they are sufficiently healed to allow their removal on return to school.

Appearance and Dress Expectations

Compulsory for All

  • Navy blue blazer with school badge
  • Pale blue school shirt (without logos or motif)
  • A full length navy school tie
  • Black full shoes (no boots, trainers, high heels, open backed flip-flop types)
  • Navy, black, dark grey or white socks
  • Plain black, warm, waterproof outdoor coat (no logos or motifs; no denims; no tracksuit tops; no “hoodies”; no fashion or leather coats) Coats should be long enough to cover the blazer.

Girls (compulsory)

  • Black tailored school trousers with logo or
  • Black pleated school skirt (MUST be knee length) with logo which may be worn with black opaque tights.

Boys (compulsory) 

  • Black conventional boys tailored school trousers

Optional for All

  • Navy blue ‘V’ neck jumper with school badge
  • Navy blue ‘V’ neck slipover with school badge
  • Navy blue scarves (no pattern or logos) Navy blue woolly hats.

Year 11

  • Black ‘V’ neck sweatshirt with school badge replaces the blazer A white shirt may be worn instead of pale blue.





KS3 PE Kit Girls KS3 PE Kit Boys KS4 CORE PE GCSE PE & Cambridge Nationals GCSE Dance
Navy hockey socks Navy football socks As KS3 As KS3 Navy Skort or leggings
Navy Skort or leggings Navy shorts Navy T-shirt  shirt with Hawkley logo
Navy Polo shirt with Hawkley logo Navy T-shirt  shirt with Hawkley logo
¼ Zip top (optional) ¼ Zip top (optional)
Trainers Trainers
Suitable bra or crop top over bra

We have decided all students will wear the navy t-shirt/ polo shirt and not change to light blue if they opt for GCSE PE.   If your son/ daughter is currently in Y10 moving into Y11 the light blue top is still fine to continue wearing.

We would recommend that if your child plays on school teams and/ or has opted for the subject at KS4 that you purchase enough kit to ensure they attend their PE lessons with all their kit.   We would also suggest that students bring a bobble to tie hair back.

Having your child’s initials stitched into the kit is also something we would suggest as it helps us to return lost kit to its owners more easily!


It is the student's responsibility to look are their planner. If your child has lost their planner, they must speak to their form tutor or head of year.

Approved stockists of official school uniform
(based on quality and price)

Eckersley’s Mill
Swan Meadow Road
01942 244496

AC Sports
Ormskirk Road
01942 216537

(Blazers and Sports Polo only)